Up and at ’em

One minute I’m having a totally awesome dream about baked goods (croissanty things and cinnamon sugary things and jelly-filled things OMNOMNOMNOM) and the next I’m standing bleary eyed with twisted pajamas in front of the toaster pouring a bowl of Apple Jacks while Bug buzzes around me with an inhuman amount of energy for 7AM and I’m thinking “Hang on, how did I get here again? Wasn’t I just eating a funnel cake?”

But somehow I have been transported into Go Mode without even trying. It helps, I guess, that Bug’s method of waking up consists of 1. Open eyes. 2. Fling legs over side of bed. 3. Find Mom’s hands. 4. Pull with all strength while saying “Get up Mom! Get up!” until Mom is upright. (This is actually quite helpful to me, only maybe he could do this without quite so much grunting and straining?) 5. Once this is accomplished, run at top speed to kitchen. 6. Shout out cereal selection. 7. Sprint back to bathroom while yelling “I HAVE TO PEE PEE!” at top of lungs. 8. Finish in bathroom and find Mom, who has still not made it quite out of the bedroom and push from behind until that woman is in front of the toaster, pouring your damn Apple Jacks.

In approximately 4 minutes the cereal is gone and all thoughts turn to LET’S DO STUFF MOM. And it’s only 7:15.

Every summer morning is like this, except sometimes my dreams are of cheeseburgers.


1 Leeann { 07.22.08 at 8:21 pm }

Are you sure you’re not me? Oh wait, usually it’s LILY pulling me from bed and it’s a toaster waffle she wants. And it’s BEFORE 7 am.

2 Kara Brown { 07.23.08 at 7:10 pm }

So I just found your blog (from facebook) and decided to check it out. Man is it great, I decided you really need to write a book, you are awesome at this. Well can’t wait for our dinner! See you then!

3 G Mo { 07.28.08 at 6:50 pm }

Since I started reading your blog I have vivid thoughts of you at the strangest times – stranges places. Like today – Target
woman’s room. I looked. Nope, as I suspected: no pretty flowers.

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