One low-cal Yestertime, fresh out of the oven

When you write a blog that is of the daily variety, some days you sit down at the computer and open up the writing page of said blog and all you can think to write is BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH DEE BLAH.

Hello, and welcome to That Day.

I wouldn’t really even have time to write today, except that Bug has a playdate over, which means that I actually have a second to sit down on the couch and surf the web, uh, I mean, to clean the house and prepare for dinner and other totally productive like things.

Playdates are fantastic, except for one thing. The mess. And also the mediating. Oh, and the decibel level. But otherwise! For one thing, I don’t have to play cars or pretend to be a giraffe or LOOK AT THIS MOMMY for like a whole 3 hours!

On the other hand….

Um, so, you know, you decide.

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1 Lynn P. { 07.09.08 at 6:58 pm }

Happy noise!! One of my favorite sounds.

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