Gratuitous pictures of my house: Part Infinity

Three day weekend + sick kid on Sunday (legally sanctioned church hooky) + empty walls + 25 weeks pregnant = NESTYNESTNESTNESTYNEST

And so the dining room, she is finished:

dining room finished

All those chairs you see (and there is one other out of the picture) were painstakingly assembled by the Lorso. Light fixture installed by Lorso and a friend. Walls painted by me, Bug and L. The Louvre-worthy artwork you see on the walls is left, a Lorso original, and right, a Bug/Racher masterpiece. CAN YOU DIG IT.

Now we tackle the study and the bedroom. More wall painting, furniture rearranging and picture hanging galore! You can almost hear Lorso’s hair turning gray as I type those sentences.


1 carol { 07.07.08 at 2:08 pm }

Your dining room looks beautiful. I love the phrase “legally sanctioned church hooky”. Can is use it sometime?

2 Ginnymom { 07.07.08 at 6:26 pm }

Very nice dining room. And the flowers are perfect.

I hope the Lorso has access to a hot tub. Sounds like he might need it.

3 Beth { 07.08.08 at 8:44 pm }

Oh, I love the red. Some day I will get back to working on my poor, neglected house.

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