Stay with me boys, I’m gonna use the word placenta

So now that we’ve established an nomer for LG (nomer = misnomer-mis, get it?) let me tell you a little about how she’s doing.

My tooth has always leaned a little toward the sweet side, but sheesh kabob, it’s off the hook now. I can’t go a day without eating some sort of candy or sweet of some kind, and this includes the tube of chocolate chip cookie dough that I consumed, oh, half an hour ago. I bought some packs of fun size Baby Ruths, thinking that then I could just have a small hit of sugar every once in a while and that would satisfy, but ten bars come in each pack, so what was I supposed to do? Leave nine? Get real.

This makes me think LG will be a sweet girl.

I didn’t think early on that she kicked as much as Bug did in utero, but I found out at my 20-week ultrasound that my (HERE IT COMES GUYS) placenta is anterior, meaning it’s smack dab behind my belly button and so her jabs are cushioned a bit more than normal. Since then though, she has become an equal opportunity bumper, and gives all areas of my belly uniform attention.

This makes me think LG will be a generous and caring soul.

My left sciatic nerve is a constant nuisance these days, sometimes making me draw in a sharp breath when bending over to pick up toy #234 off the floor at work. That’s a total lie, I don’t bend over to pick toys up at work, I kick them with my feet over to the general vicinity where they go and then tell the kids to put them on the shelf or in the basket, whatever. I don’t even feel guilty about this. But still my sciatic nerve, she gripes all day long. The midwife says LG is probably laying on that side more often and that I, too, should lay on that side, since that will probably encourage LG to “float up” and relieve some of the pain.

This makes me think that LG and I will share a lot of traits. I mean already, we’re both girls, we like sugar, and we lay on our left sides. See what I mean?

LG makes my belly stick out a lot lower down than Bug did. And by “a lot” I mean “I guess about an inch because there’s not a lot of torso goin’ on there”. But it’s noticeable to me, especially when I can’t keep my maternity pants hitched up over my bum when I bend over. (That probably deserved the same warning as “placenta.” My bad.)

This makes me think that LG is excited about being in the world, and is getting as close to it as she can.

So far, she seems just like my kind of girl.

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1 carol { 07.05.08 at 6:35 pm }

This is such a funny post. LG sounds like a wonderful girl already!

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