Coming clean

Right, so here’s the thing: I’m not the biggest fan of the pseudonym Ladybug for our baby girl.

I think ladybugs themselves are the epitome of cuteness, especially in the bug world. (Though let’s be honest – it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to be considered the most adorable insect there is. Bugs are just creepy and crawly and generally not picked for Homecoming Queen, am I right?) (Also, I fully realize I have named my son Bug on this website, but I think I took about .5 seconds to choose it off the top of my head, and hadn’t anticipated the COMPLETE AND UTTER BLOWOUT SUCCESS of my blog and if I had know that millions would know him as such, I may have reconsidered the nickname.) But I don’t have a particular fondness for ladybugs per se, and also I am kind of afraid that everyone who knows me in real life is now going to buy Ladybugged paraphernalia for her room/body. (Dear my Grandmother who I know already bought a ladybug book – I think that that is a totally acceptable and great present and hope I don’t appear an ungrateful schmuck. Love, Rachel)

Also, I would like to wax feminist for a sec and just say, isn’t that kind of like WOman being named from man? I’m just saying.

This girl needs a blog name that is just for her.

Now, when it came to her real name, I was funny about people suggesting names for our kid, because I felt like even if I loved the name I didn’t want someone else to have picked it. I wanted to be able to say that the Lorso and I named our own kids with our very own noggins. And so we did! Hooray!

But Internets, y’all can totally suggest me some blog nicknames.

Of course, I can’t guarantee that I will like anything you suggest, because I am a picky and fickle person (fickly?) – yes, even about things even as trite as a blog nickname, SO LAY OFF ALREADY.

But if I do decide to choose your suggestion, you’ll get to go down in Yestertime history! Which is a long and noble history known by tens! Think of the notoriety! You can put it on your C.V.!

So let the “Give My Baby Girl a Blog Pseudonym Contest” begin. And once we have a winner we’ll smash a bottle of champagne on our laptop before its maiden post.

June 26, 2008   17 Comments