Splendora McGillicutty

I would like to announce….we have picked a name for our girl!

Not that it matters ONE WHIP to you, Internet, since I don’t use real names on here, but I’m excited nonetheless.

But also, for people we know in real life we’re keeping it a secret until she’s born. I am way more into this than I probably should be. IT’S JUST SO FUN.

Naming a person is a totally huge deal though, and it’s nice to have made the decision and to rest on our laurels until she’s here. Because, you know, there is absolutely nothing else we have to do to prepare for her arrival except rest on our laurels.

Ooooh – Laurel…that would be a nice name. Hang on a slim second – maybe we’ve made a huge mistake! Back to the drawing board!

Nope, just joshin’. She is already who she is. And I haven’t seen her face yet (except for the fierce Terminator x-ray eyeball shots that we saw at the ultrasound) but I think the name fits her just right.

A name for our girl! Hurrah!

(P.S. The writer of this blog is not above cash bribes for information.)

June 24, 2008   4 Comments