I suppose I’m just training for the 24-hour Olympics watching I’ll be doing

I don’t know what house the moon is in right now, but I’m like all into sports lately. I turned on the US Open in the middle of the freakin’ day the other day. And then called Lorso at work several times to report on the progress of the playoff between that one guy and Tiger. “Uh, that one guy has E and Tiger is positive one. So…Tiger’s losing? I dunno, but IT’S SO INTENSE. There are injuries! Poignant commercials of Tiger with his late father! Slow motion montages of great plays set to dramatic music! People yelling ‘Get in the hole!’ It’s totally AWESOME.” All the while I’m downing pretzel Goldfish like a mug and trying to ignore my craving for cheap light beer.

Now there’s the whole NBA playoffs shindig, and though I’m not as much into that action, I watch it every night by default because we only have one place to sit in our house that’s not covered in crap and it’s in front of the TV. And Lorso would watch the NBA playoffs even if they started it so late at night that he had to stay up to the wee hours to see it and then go to work like a zombie the next day. OH WAIT.

But the NBA playoffs are cool too, mostly for these commercials. I think that dude is SO FUNNY. “Bink duh bink duh beedle ee bink buh dink BLAM! And there you are.” Now that’s funny right there. Makes up for the total blowout that the final game was. Poor commentators. It’s just no fun for them when that happens. They have to start talking about random stuff, just waiting for the game to end. And they always start spouting ridiculous statistics about stuff like, “You know, if the Celtics win today, it will be their 17th championship. And today’s date is the 17th of June. HOW CRAZY IS THAT.” Mind blowing stuff guys. Truly.

I’m cool with the anticlimactic final game shut out though, because that ensures one thing – tomorrow night I watch my SYTYCD in peace.


1 ginny { 06.18.08 at 6:55 pm }

so which did that sweet baby girl enjoy more: the golf or the Basketball?

2 Rachel D { 06.19.08 at 1:58 am }

Ok so tonight on SYTYCD I would like to vote for Cat Deeley’s hair. It was so pretty!

3 RedRev { 06.21.08 at 2:12 pm }

With the Lorso genetics, I suggest tuning in to more toward torso-friendly sports such as soccer and swimming :). Not that I would ever discourage anyone from the blessing and beauty of basketball.

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