We stopped because that nice policeman just wants to say hi to us

If you had your average Schmo-on-the-street name the Top 100 Totally Awesome Things to Do This Summer, I’m guessing that “10-Hour Road Trip With a Three Year Old While Five Months Pregnant” wouldn’t make the cut. Probably.

And, ok, it wouldn’t make my top ten, or twenty five, or…fifty either, but it just might be fifty ONE.

That’s right, my kid and I had so much fun on our car trip that I would choose only FIFTY other things to do instead of that. And really, it’s #51 because of the ass-numbness more than anything. And also the state troopers in Virginia. (Lorso still maintains that I should have whipped out the tears and played the “Pregnant with a three year old in the car since 8:15 AM this morning and just barely keeping my shit together” card, but I was ready enough to be there that I didn’t even apologize to the officer for my speeding. I was all, “Yeah. I know. Here’s my license. Pretzel goldfish?” I think I made him nervous.) Oh, and maybe also the QUESTIONS ABOUT DEATH. Geez LOUISE that kid has gone all afterlife on me recently.

Other than that? The trip was So. Much. Fun. We made up stories, we sang songs, we played the rhyming game (“My turn Mama! What rhymes with CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG?”), we talked about what and who we would see on our trip, we shared M&Ms from our gas station stops. And then at our three overnight stops we were roommates and sleeping buddies. Bug would wake me up each morning by rubbing my back and saying “Mommy. I love you Mommy.” Which was totally sweet, but the KICKER was that then he would ask me to come with him while he used the bathroom and then he would GET BACK IN BED WITH ME AND LET ME SLEEP LONGER. I wasn’t aware that he had a setting that allowed him to operate that way. Where has THAT button been his whole life? Apparently it’s only operational along Interstate 81.

And once we reached our destination, our friends’ house on the grounds of a camp in northern Virginia, there were things like this:


And this:


Which meant there was tractor sitting! And frog catching! And cherry tasting! And rock collecting! And baby cow watching! Basically everything a little boy could ask for.


Eleven college-aged summer counselors in the middle of staff training primed and ready to heap some of their fresh shiny young energy and attention on the one and only child on camp grounds. Long live the game of Chase! CAR RACING FOREVER! I tried to get one of them to come back with us and be our Manny, but he had college to go to later or something. Jerk.

But now we’re back, and normal tractor-free life is resuming, and I’m realizing that our mom/son car trip was probably the last chance we’ll get to do something like that for a long long time. My tailbone has put me on notice that if I plan on driving more than two hours from this point onward in the pregnancy that I’ve been adequately warned. YOU WILL PAY, says my tail.

So I’m really grateful I got the opportunity to hit the road with my best boy and see some of the world with him while we still had the chance. It will always be a special memory that I can file away in the “Before There Were Two” file. And I hope he will have some memories of the trip, too, when he’s older. Because it was a blast. All of it.

Except for maybe the state trooper part.


1 Jill { 06.16.08 at 7:02 am }

I just have to say that you ROCK–as a mom, as a blogger, and as a friend. I’m blessed to have you in my life, and we should hang more often.

2 Allen G { 06.16.08 at 2:18 pm }

I remember when I was about 8 or nine ( making my sisters 5ish and 11ish) my mom implemented a (short-lived) policy of one-on-one dates. Very Jon and Kate plus 8 before their time. Anyhoo. I loved that special time and I know my older sister still has fond memories of being the only one so I hope Bug keeps this trip with him forever. And you, too.

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