Hi, this is me posting at the last possible minute

I’m going out of town tomorrow, which means that posting will be light this week. I didn’t necessarily mean for it to be light today. But it is. My bad.

I would just like to say that iron pills taste like ass. Seriously, it is like swallowing solid blood. Or sucking on a rusty pipe. But apparently my commitment to cheeseburgers was not solid enough, and having enough iron is like a DEAL when you’re growing a baby or something. So pipe sucking it is!

Bug and I went to the pool today, which sounds fun and not like a big deal, but going to the pool totally is a big deal for two reasons. One, I have to wear a bathing suit, and two, Bug has to touch water. Until today, every time I suggested going to the pool he acted like I was asking him to go get a tetanus shot or jump into a pit of poisonous vipers. But LO. He not only touched the water, he splashed! He jumped! He fell under and did not disintegrate or lose his eyeballs! So basically, it was a success. The bathing suit, not so much.

In short I would like to point out that I sacrifice greatly for my children: I lick rusty pipes, I wear a bathing suit. Can sainthood be far behind?

I think NOT.

June 9, 2008   1 Comment