It’s totally because I bought him a baby doll when he was little

We’d been in the car for a few minutes already after school chatting about Bug’s day when we got to a red light. I turned around to say something to him and noticed that he had a decoration on his forearm that I had not yet seen.

“Hey Bug, what’s that on your arm?”

“It’s a tattoo! It has a bag.”

“A bag? You have a tattoo of…a bag? Let me see.”

I leaned in a little closer to inspect, and by golly he wasn’t lying – it WAS a bag. Public Service Announcement included.

girls rule

He’s a cute little feminist, don’t you think?


1 alianora { 05.17.08 at 2:41 pm }

I cant tell you the joy I feel in my heart when Im talking to my father and make casual mentions of buying Voldemort a doll. I can see the vein in his forehead throb all the way from Alaska.

2 Daisy { 05.17.08 at 4:42 pm }

It looks great! Can he read the PSA yet? Gotta love a “tattoo” like that.

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