red dining room

Isn’t it glorious? I rather think so. And we did it in one day. And I only freaked out thinking Bug was bleeding once. You should come over and have dinner and see it in person. Only not today, because I am tuckered out from all the painting.

We had to prime the room first due to the plum-colored half wall left after stripping the wallpaper. This was much to my chagrin, because I like for things to be done like ten minutes ago. Or maybe twenty. When Lorso brought the primer back and we went to work, I thought, “Hmm, maybe a salmon dining room? It would save us a step. Plus pink is my favorite color.” But then I realized it was just the toxic paint fumes talking, and we soldiered on toward Tuscon Red.

Having finished and set up the new dining table and chairs I have come to the realization that we have created a very gorgeous, very formal dining room. And for a split second I thought we made a mistake, because no one in their right mind with a three year old and baby on the way eats all their Kix cereal and Ramen noodles on a shiny smooth espresso finished table with cloth covered chairs in a deep red room. People like that have breakfast nooks with big formica tables you can take out back and hose off after snack time. But unless we make our third bedroom into a breakfast room, or get rid of our washer and dryer in favor of a picnic table, there’s just not anymore room in this inn. So it was a split second of crisis in my mind. But then I thought you know what? No. WE’RE JUST GOING TO BE THAT DAMN CLASSY. Life is short! Carpe diem! Eat off the good china! Enjoy the finer things and all that!

Plus there is no way in hell I am repainting that room.

And besides that, I have always wanted a red dining room, and I told Lorso last night as I looked around our two newly painted spaces with our new couch and table and chairs that for the first time in our marriage I felt like I was surrounded by our stuff. Stuff that wasn’t particle board or duct-taped together, or taken stealthily in the night off the side of the road near the seminary apartments. It’s all stuff we chose. Stuff that makes me want to say, “Everyone come watch the game at our house!” (Apparently in this fantasy we have cable and good reception.) Or, “Everyone come over for a Christmas dinner!” (Catered, of course, by Boston Market.)

So yes, the red formal dining room is here to stay. And I am glad.

And as for Thursday’s post, I’m not all that surprised by the outcome – 14 for girl, 4 for boy. (And just so you know, Bug says girl too). There’s a thing about people wanting women to have little girls, that I have to confess I don’t really understand. I mean, don’t get me wrong, girls TOTALLY ROCK, but I have to say that I think Bug is the best kid I ever could have asked for, and if I found out that this next kid was going to be a boy too, well how could I be anything but ecstatic about another kid even a little bit like Bug around these parts?

I do have a teeny weeny gut feeling about the chromosomal outcome of this next baby, but I think I’m going to hold on to that knowledge for a little bit longer. Like maybe until June 3. I could wait until June 4 (ultrasound day), but then I could cheat and say I TOTALLY KNEW THE WHOLE TIME THAT IT WAS GONNA BE THAT and you would all call me a big poseur.

And I’m already a poseur enough serving Spaghetti-Os in my fancy pants red dining room.


1 Jill { 05.12.08 at 4:39 pm }

I do so love your dining room. Invite us to come eat–even if it’s CFA that we pick up on our way over! What fun that would be!

And oh, I’m thinking…girl. Which is valid b/c I WANT it to be a boy. Actually, I want all babies to be boys, but I guess it’s a good thing they’re not, beacuse if they were, we’d sooner than later have no more babies, and that would be a tragedy. But anyway, if it is a girl, I hope you don’t do that silly thing and “stop with two because you have one of each.” It annoys the heck out of me when people say / do that. As if having one of each makes things somehow “right,” and not having one of each is, well, just “not right.”

But anyway, I vote girl. Then the next one will be boy. :-)

2 Jill { 05.12.08 at 4:40 pm }

Oh, and one more thing…

One of the things *I* never thought I’d say as a parent is “Heads don’t belong in the potty!” Remind me to tell you that story sometime…

3 Dorothy { 05.12.08 at 7:19 pm }

LOVE the dining room and living room – the table is gorgeous – i totally want to come visit. and i am a little jealous that you have “your stuff” …i sit in my living almost daily and wish we could get new furniture, something that didn’t come from Russ’ grandma (ugly old pink and blue couches) or our parents (particle board entertainment center and shelves – lovely) – the ONLY thing in our living room that we bought is the CD rack and that just doesn’t do it for me.

and i also think girl – and i knew that mine would be a girl – of course i also think that margie’s will be a girl, so maybe i’m not reliable…we’ll find out soon enough.

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