T-minus 30 minutes

Here in Yestertime land, a new day begins at 8pm. At least according to my little sidebar calendar with the blue dates on it over there on the left. If I post a blog after 8pm it’s counted as a post for the next day.

Today I just plum forgot to post. Also, Bug rode a pony for the first time in his life and I forgot my camera so I figured life had no meaning anyway so why post? But I am a stubborn, stubborn lassie who has decided that I am going to try to post every day for a whole year, the end of which coincidentally coincides with the month before I give birth to what will most likely be a 10 pound bundle of squirmy joy. And so I refuse to skip a day. Even when I feel really sorry for you, Internet, for having typed my URL into your browsers and then ending up with this load of blather on your screens.

Still, I continue on in the Quest for 365 Days of Blue. I challenge you to name a nobler quest than this. YOU CAN’T.


1 Lynn P. { 05.04.08 at 8:27 am }

My camera was THERE! You should have yelled.

2 Allen G. { 05.05.08 at 4:06 pm }

Speaking of the ponies, when I dropped the girls off they yelled “Thank you Allen for the hotdogs and the ponies and the Bug!”

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