Great blubbering bunnies, I’m losing it.

Ugh, I keep composing posts in my head and they are all total sappy crappola about Bug or being pregnant or FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BUNNIES. I’m out of control hormonalizing. Make it stop, please.

Last night I had to forcibly control myself from releasing a sob during the children’s choir award’s presentation at church. FOR PERFECT ATTENDANCE. I mean, it was cool and all, but sobbing? Self. Get a GRIP.

I have to stop all of this wax-eloquenting about mushy stuff. It’s making me want to vomit, kind of like the last bite I had of a giant banana yesterday. (Side note: I’m now off bananas.)

So all I have to say today is: I SAW A BUNNY. HERE IT IS.


Now I’m off to read some Mimi. Her caustic wit and general irreverence might just be the kick in the pants I need.


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