Quest for total awesomeness: DASHED

Back in the olden days before I turned TOTALLY AWESOME, I would have written a haiku today because I just got back from a three hour Farmer’s Market/Grocery Store marathon (with a donut and milk break in the middle, of course) and feel as though the baby has been online ordering barbells that have been arriving to my uterus every five minutes. Does that even make sense to you? Honestly, I’m too tired to care.

But like I said, now I’m totally awesome. So instead of a lame haiku I will post this picture of a pretty pretty flower that all of a sudden has bloomed in our front yard. Did it bloom last year? No it did not. Did we plant it? No siree. My personal theory is that it is our fertile land expressing its profound joy that we are abiding alongside it in this house a few more years. The vegetation rejoices in our quest to forever leave it growing unhindered and free.

Of course, that’s total crap. These kinds of flowers probably only grow every other year.

Who knows. I’m so pooped.
Look at the flower! Uh oh.

pretty flower

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1 beachlurkers { 05.12.08 at 9:53 pm }

What a pretty Iris! They bloom annually…just for next year’s reference!

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