My fingers are filled with dread and thus cannot type more than this

I’m sitting here thinking about how many hours I have left until I have to go back to work (16.5). It is probably not a great sign that I feel a sense of impending doom about this.

Spring break was so freakin’ nice, though. Warm weather, a whole day to myself, fun outings with Bug, a more relaxed pace, etc., etc. It’s just hard to give that up. On the positive side, it makes me really look forward to summer break. On the negative side, there are five more weeks until summer break. This feels a little bit like an eternity to me.

HOWEVER. In these five weeks, instead of packing up all our CDs and books and Christmas decorations and stacking box after box into the nooks and crannies of our house preparing for a move, we will instead be picking out paint colors, shopping for furniture, and beginning to unpack tiny, tiny baby things that will probably make me cry a little bit because I am a hormonal freak. This lifts my mood a bit.

Except maybe the hormonal freak part.

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1 Carol { 04.13.08 at 7:20 pm } life, new furniture, new paint… nesting. Five more weeks until summer doesn’t sound too bad to those of us who work year round. Enjoy the bittersweet last few weeks of school and start planning projects for summer to entertain Bug and ready the house for Bug’s new best friend.

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