Oh hai. I haz blog?

Almost forgot to post today. Spring Break’ll do that to ya.

Bug and I have spent most of the day name calling. I like to make sure we continue good teaching moments even when he’s on break from school. “You’re a silly goose,” I say, kind of unimaginatively now that I think about it. “You’re a gilly soose!” he says. Point one – Bug. “AND, you’re a SCOOP of POOP!” Damn! Two in a row! This kid’s good.

Now he’s scarfing down his ham and cheese sandwich dinner as quick as he can to get to “dessert”: a pack of orange Mambas I bought him at the QT. We might go crazy after that and pop a half-bag of kettle corn and eat it in front of a Bob the Builder DVD. We might even SKIP BATHTIME. I’m getting goosebumps at the craziness of it all.

No, wait, we’re not going to skip bathtime. He’s on day three of no baths, and has a one-inch thick layer of pollen in his hair. Damn, and with all my wild abandon I was all ready to call Girlz Gone Wild and schedule myself an audition.

Maybe tomorrow.

*In case you didn’t know, my post title comes from this site. Go. Laugh.


1 Elizabeth { 04.07.08 at 6:21 pm }

If you like lolcats, you should check out the lolcat Bible: http://www.lolcatbible.com/index.php?title=Genesis_1

Have a great spring break! :-)

2 Ali R { 04.07.08 at 10:13 pm }

Hahaha I LOVE that site! Also, I think Joe uses the phrase “scoop of poop” about once a week… it must be an instinctual male thing.

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