Marriage on a Sunday morning

Lorso: (from the shower) HEY RACH! RACH!


L: Can you get me a bar of soap?

Me: (entering bathroom) Geez, what do you do, eat them in there? I feel like I get you one every other day.

L: What can I say? I shower before breakfast. I get hungry.

Me: Ha. Well here you go.

L: Plus, I have more surface area to wash than you do. I mean think about it.

Me: I guess that’s true.

L: Of course, not for long! You know, that would be a great experiment wouldn’t it? See which one of us has more bodily surface area when you’re really big and pregnant? That would be awesome. I bet you’d win!

Me: (walking over and flushing the toilet) Tread carefully, grasshopper.

L: Yeeeeooow!


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