Operation: Slay the tax beast

Taxes suck.

Every year I wonder if the 3457-page instructions were actually written by chimpanzees in the back bunker of some government warehouse. Just reading them shaves 3 or 4 points off my IQ. And they are just like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books of my youth only WAY LESS FUNNER.

“Enter the amount on Line 29. Is this amount less than Line 27? If yes, then STOP. You cannot claim this credit, and the friend in your hiking party will be rolled over by a large boulder and die. If no, you may continue to Step 2.”

Plus (on years when we’ve actually made enough money to BE taxed) there’s always the nail-biting time towards the end when you get closer and closer to figuring out if you are going to use the white address label or the pink one. It’s a good color scheme, I think. Pink = things are rosy! Money is on the way! White = the color of your face as you write the check to the IRS.

However, as of this afternoon, our taxes are DONE. I figured out the gibberish AND got to use a pink label.

Eat that, chimps.

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1 Jill { 04.05.08 at 6:47 pm }

I really do love your blog. Really. What I like best is when I don’t read it for three or four days, then get to read more than one post at a time. Delayed gratification. :-)

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