And now, a totally different day in the life.

Some days, (more often than not it’s THURSDAYS) I feel like my life has two speeds: GO FAST and OFF.

pre-6:30am: OFF

6:30: GO FAST – Mama, where’s Dada? DADA! NO, I WANT DADA TO EAT BREAKFAST WITH ME! Fix breakfast, shower, scramble for clothes that still fit, throw together lunches, I DON’T WANT TO PUT MY PANTS ON! NO! NOT TIME OUT! NO TIME OUUUUUUT!!! Kiss and make up, grab something to throw down for breakfast, race to car, strap in, back out, SCREECH!, forgot something, run back in, run back out, off to school

8:30: get to work, a million kids are already there, WHY DO PEOPLE COME EARLY DAMN THEM, come on big kids time to walk across the street, no hold your brother’s hand – Bug, hold her hand across the street, YES DO IT NOW, Bye have a great day at school!, run back across the street, Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Hi! Good morning! It’s ok, Mommy’s coming back soon! It’s ok! Let’s go play trains! You want to play trains! Ok, you obviously need alone time.

10:00: Get snack ready, come on guys, this way! No, not the water fountain, no, you’re not sitting at the big table, let me lift you into the high chair. Now you. Now you. Now you. Now you. Nowyounowyounowyounowyou. Stop banging your cups on the chairs! Snack time is quiet time! No yelling! SNACK TIME IS QUIET TIIIIIIME!!!!! Thank you. No, we can’t go outside, it’s raining. Let’s sing some songs. Old MacDonald! Wheels on the Bus! Ok guys that’s enough “Babies on the bus go WAH WAH WAH.” QUIET! Ok let’s get you down from there. Ok now you. Now you. Nowyounowyounowyounowyou. No not that way! Everybody this way! HEY! GET DOWN FROM THERE!

11:00 Who is that I smell? It’s time to change diapers. Oh wait, this one uses the big girl potty right? And this one? No wait, this one is already soaked. Change 457 diapers. Wipe 8345 noses. Wash hands 34,567 times. Mommy’s coming soon, I promise. Hey! Get off the baby! No biting! Share! Share! Shareshareshareshareshareshare!

12:00 Lunchtime! Come on everyone! Let me lift you up into this highchair. Now you. Now you. Nowyounowyounowyounowyou. Open thirty tiny containers. Scarf down lunch. Ok let me get you down, etc. etc. etc. Wait, you’re sticky. Come back! Do you need to go pee pee? Do you? How about you? Hey wait, where are your shoes? Go find your shoes! Get down! Get off the baby! SHARE! Mommy’s here!

1:00 Run out, throw things in car, drive over to pick up Bug. Yay! So glad to see you! Drive home. Ok, shoes off, pick out a book. No, just one book. Because Mommy’s tired today. That’s the longest book you own. OK, I’LL READ IT. Ok, into bed. Hey. Into bed. BUG. DON’T MESS WITH MOMMY TODAY. INTO. BED. Have a good nap. Put up lunch things, put away bags, PEE! OMG I have needed to do that for 3 hours. Bug, why are you out of your bed? Ok, go quick. Back in bed! Have a good nap.

2:00: flop down on couch. OFF. Drool.

3:00: GO FAST. Mama! I pee peed in my pants! Clean up mess, throw clothes in washer, get snack, set up movie. Do laundry. Watch this part Mama! Oh, wow, that’s totally awesome. Make bed. Mama, watch THIS part. Wow, great. Dinner, what’s for dinner? Mama, look at Lightning McQueen do this part! BUG I’VE SEEN THIS MOVIE 6348 TIMES. Sorry. GoshheissototallyfastIcan’tbelieveit. No you can’t have another snack.

5:00: Ok, dinner needs to be coming together. (General mayhem and disaster, as per usual)

6:00: Dinner!

6:30: Clean up, bath, pajamas, brushing teeth, No, only two books, just like every other night of your life. Sing songs, goodnight.

8:30: Think for a second about doing more house chore like things.

8:45: OFF.


1 Ginny { 04.03.08 at 6:27 pm }

okay, I’m tired already. It was the nowyounowyounowyou part that got me.

2 Carrie { 04.03.08 at 6:40 pm }

Love reading your blog!
Your work day sounds familiar, but my children are all potty trained, or so I thought until today…speech therapist comes back 20 minutes early with two of my boys, JH says with a huge smile on his face, “IF peed on me!” Apparently we need another lesson on where to aim. And no more using the “big boy” bathroom. I thought I had seen it all…

3 racher { 04.03.08 at 9:57 pm }

Carrie – I’m going on the belief that there is a special place in heaven for us.

Ginny – Please tell me I’m right.

4 candace { 04.03.08 at 10:28 pm }

oh, there is a whole, beautiful place set aside for “those who have cleaned other people’s children’s bodily fluids” with extra heavenly goodness for “those who have been peed on by other people’s children”

5 Jill { 04.05.08 at 6:42 pm }

Oh, how well I remember. You’re doing wonderful work, Rach. Keep it up!

6 racher { 04.05.08 at 7:05 pm }

Jill – you are so very kind for not calling me a big fat PANSY. After all, you did that with three tiny people. I only have one. I’m weak. My endurance has not been built up yet.

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