The post in which I try to get over myself

Long ago, in a far off place known as The Exact Couch I’m Sitting on Right This Minute, I started this blog. It seemed to take care of some sort of void I had that the Chewy Sprees just weren’t filling. And for some reason, right off the bat, I decided to post every day. I think I was afraid that I would be all gung ho about blogging and then peter out shamefully, deleting my blog and never mentioning it ever again if I didn’t put something on the screen every day.

But lo verily I say unto thee, I stuck to it. And here I am, 194 posts later. Granted, some posts were more carefully thought out and constructed than others, but on the whole, I think I’ve done pretty well.

Which brings me to My Point. The total of posts I’ve lovingly crafted stands at 194, while the total of comments on said posts stands at 513. Divide that out, and that’s just over 2.6 comments per post.

Internet, that’s LAME. What gives?

Do not judge me to be a selfish, greedy, comment-monger. I realize that I don’t really set my posts up to be comment friendly. I don’t often never ask for advice, I don’t ask questions to my readers, I don’t give away free crap, I don’t acknowledge comments much, and I often write about things that I’m sure only warrant the response “WTF?” So I recognize that I have some responsibility in this faltering symbiosis.

But I need to know. (OMG A QUESTION) Does Yestertime meet all your daily blog reading needs? Would you rather have more questions to answer such as “What are your feelings on circumcision?” or “Who was your favorite member of NKOTB?” I want to know how to best serve you, my adoring public. Because after all, I do this for you!*

(*APRIL FOOL’S. Screw you guys, this is my blog. I do what I WANT! For the month of April, I think I’ll devote each day to a haiku on POOP. AND YOU’LL LIKE IT. Suckas.)


1 Dorothy { 04.01.08 at 2:10 pm }

personally, i could go for a cyber conversation on circumcision – you know, it’s been a while.

2 Elizabeth Hartman { 04.01.08 at 2:15 pm }

I have your blog as an RSS feed on my Livejournal, so I read all your posts from there. :-) That also means that I’m usually too lazy to actually go to your blog and post, so…ta da! I’m commenting. :-)

I like poop haikus.

3 Darth { 04.01.08 at 2:15 pm }

Speaking of Haiku: a (college) freshman class was asked to construct a Haiku and chose, as a subject, South Park. The result:

Orange-hooded boy
Wings sprouting from his sweater
He’s left once again

Of course this implies that “orange” has two syllables . . . maybe these students weren’t from the South ?

4 racher { 04.01.08 at 2:23 pm }

Elizabeth – congratulations on delurking yourself. Also, “I like poop haikus” TOTALLY should have been the name of this post. Damn.

5 Morgan { 04.01.08 at 2:42 pm }

Just to un-lurk for a moment- I check this website approximately once every 15 seconds looking for a new post. That is the only way I survive sitting behind my desk all day.

BTW- Haikus are the bomb. I had the youth write Haikus about the Tower of Babel Sunday night. They sounded out every word and debated one another about the syllable count. It was pretty funny. I think they all attend a Hooked on Phonics convention.

6 Carol { 04.01.08 at 4:35 pm }

I’m a fan of poop haikus, Really Useful Fortune Cookie Fortunes, tales of junk in the backyard, and photos of Bug. I am as dedicated to visiting Yestertime and reading your blog as you are to daily posts. Thank you!

7 Tayd { 04.01.08 at 5:50 pm }

I, too, am a daily lurker. In fact, before I read today’s post, I was set to comment on an older post of yours, but then got distracted by my own kids. And while I’m very glad you don’t ask more questions of your readers, I’ll answer the one you posed in this post — yes, yestertime meets all my daily blogging needs. And I am ever so grateful that you do post daily. (I mean, come on, what good is it if I visit a blog and it just sits there, un-updated? Ugh.) Okay, now I’m going to go comment on previous entries to help you up your comment-quotient, April Fool’s or not.

8 Melinda { 04.01.08 at 9:44 pm }

April Fools or not, I LOVE this blog. I read it everyday and am sad when when I check it too early to see the new post. I passed it on to the women in my office, and I got some uber sad feedback (i.e. “it makes me miss my kids”…as I have no kids, that makes me sad but not empathetic). Rach, keep it up. Honestly, reading about Bug makes me smile on a daily basis.

9 Melinda { 04.01.08 at 9:46 pm }

oh, and icky on the fingernails. That makes my stomach turn.

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