mack: (v) to flirt with or attempt to seduce

Yesterday while Bug and I were at the playground I overheard a conversation on the swings between a boy and a girl, both around 7 years old:

Boy: Have you seen the cover of Atonement?

Girl: What is Atonement?

Boy: It’s some gross movie that my parents got.

Girl: Oh. No, I haven’t seen that.

Boy: There’s this man and this woman kissing. The lady is like this [he strikes a smoochy-faced pose with head craned toward the sky] and the man is like this [leans over and puts his arms around an invisible woman, lips apucker – this kid would make a good mime].

Girl: (giggling nervously) Eeeew!

Boy: I know, it’s SO gross.

Girl: (giggles again)

They swing for a few seconds in silence, not looking at each other.

Boy: I’ll race you to the slide!

And then they were gone.

I looked after them, amused, and then it hit me: DUDE. That little boy was TOTALLY MACKING on that little girl.

She beat him to the slide, of course.

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1 Anjie { 03.28.08 at 7:15 am }

!!! oh how it starts so young!!!

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