Getting into character

Right now I am sitting on the couch wearing a maternity shirt that is much too large for me mentally preparing for the time tonight when I will have to don a teeny tiny dress (a la Cindy Brady) to become the small girl character I am playing in one of my sketches. I look fairly ridiculous right now, but I look reeeeeally ridiculous in that dress. Several other members of the cast have told me that my belly really makes the costume look realistic because, I mean, little kids like, have that tummy that sticks out just like it, so it totally fits the part, you know?

Awesome. Except how to explain my giant ass?

The transition from home to show rehearsal back to home has been a jarring one really ever since the class started, but now it’s becoming even more bizarre. I change diapers and sing Old MacDonald during the morning, come home after lunch and do laundry and blog and watch Sesame Street, fix dinner, and then all of a sudden – BAM – I’m in a crazy wig playing a deranged chef who kills herself over a bad batch of guacamole. (Oooh sorry, spoiler alert.) Then it’s back home to pack a PB&J, pretzels and some applesauce into a bag for Bug’s lunch for the next day, brush my teeth, take my prenatal vitamins, and get a good night’s sleep.

It’s making me a little mental.

But really, the truth is I’m totally hopped up when I get home on the energy of the people and the laughter and the accents and the costumes of this fun ride. My time is really full, but it’s full of things that I chose to fill my life with – my family, the blog, the comedy class, my church, and my friends.

And I’ll be darned if it isn’t turning out to be a pretty good life.


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