The pregnant card, I plays it

While I don’t feel debilitatingly sick in this first trimester of gestation, I do have waves of nausea that hit me at random and inconvenient times. Like all afternoon and evening. Blogging becomes difficult when you spend the time between lunch and dinner alternating between languishing on the couch (with a three year old laying on top of you) and prowling the kitchen trying to find something to quell the hunger that inevitably leads to nausea. Also not helping is the fact that when I feel queasy, I keep thinking about something I read in a book that is a natural remedy for morning sickness called “Nux vomica”. This is unhelpful because the word “vomica” kind of makes me want to vomica.

Last night I decided just to embrace my pregnant state and eat a bowl of pickles. Then I was disgusted with myself because I am SUCH A CLICHE. Then I ate a bowl of cereal.

Also disconcerting is the fact that my appetite for fast food is hanging around, unlike last time. With Bug, the thought of a cheeseburger made my stomach turn. Now it makes my car turn. Around to get a cheeseburger. I gained 48 pounds last time I was pregnant, and that’s not a record I am eager to shatter. Too bad, because from the look of things, this time I’m going for the gold.

And so that is all I have to say because now I need to go raid the cabinets to see if we have anymore mac and cheese. Or maybe olives. Or maybe both.


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