Not a haiku

Things I Should Stop Doing, Like, Probably Yesterday:

1. Ignoring household chores. Like cleaning. And grocery shopping. And cooking.

2. Going to bed past 11 pm.

3. Sleeping until 7:30 am and trying to leave the house by 8:00 am.

3. Eating entire bags of jellybeans in one sitting.

4. Talking smack about that one girl at work who drives me BATSHIT.

5. Letting Bug watch full length Disney films in the afternoon just so I can sleep on the couch.

6. Writing my blog posts at the end of the day when I am the most tired and most needed by a small person who keeps saying “Mama, look at this. Mama. Mama. Mama, I want you. Mama. I PEE PEED ON THE FLOOR MAMA.”

March 18, 2008   No Comments