Fortune smiles

Right after I decided to leave med school, Lorso, Bug and I went out to dinner at Mama Fu’s, a nearby noodle joint. I love me some Thai noodles, but I especially like Mama Fu’s because their fortune cookies have actual fortunes in them. None of this “Patience is a virtue” proverb crap that other places (hello PANDA EXPRESS) pass off as “fortunes”. Mama Fu’s fortunes are For Real Fortunes. You know, like: Tomorrow you will be hit by a bus. I actually got one once that said: A friend will offer good advice the Friday after next. See, now that’s what I’m talking about.

My decision to leave my career track was fresh, and I was only just starting the grieving process, stuck somewhere between despair and relief. When I cracked open my cookie that night, my little slip read: This year your highest priority will be your family. And BAM, my eyes welled up with tears. Just like that. I still have that fortune tucked into a picture frame that holds a picture of the three of us, the Lorso, Bug, and me.

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about how great I felt after a particularly nasty round of strep. And the setting for that magical soundtracked moment I experienced that night was – you guessed it – Mama Fu’s.

Stay with me, it gets better.

Then about a week ago, Bug, a friend and I lunched at – where else, hey! – Mama Fu’s. And Bug popped open his cookie to find this:


And what do you know? BAM. The tears, they came again. Because old Mama Fu, she struck again.

Because my family has become my priority this year.
Because the soundtrack she provided to that moment on that night a few weeks ago was perfect.
Because someone new will be coming into Bug’s life soon, and I hope that they will be great friends.

Because two days after that Golden Strep-Free day a few weeks ago, I unwrapped another fortune cookie of sorts, in my bathroom, with a pounding heart.

And my fortune read: You’re pregnant.


1 Anjie { 03.14.08 at 7:46 am }

hooray, hooray, hooray! your sweet post made the tears come, too.

2 Adam Copeland { 03.14.08 at 8:14 am }

Awesome! Many congratulations to one and all. I love me some Mama Fu.

3 Kate { 03.14.08 at 9:18 am }

Abundant Congrats!!!!!!!!!

And, just think, all those potty training skills you’re honing will be put to good use again. Save that tiny toilet.

Let me know when you want to watch Legally Blonde to celebrate…

4 RedRev { 03.14.08 at 9:30 am }

So whose the father?

5 Rachel D { 03.14.08 at 9:37 am }


6 babychase'sdaddy { 03.14.08 at 9:40 am }

Awww! What a great post. Congratulations again!

7 alianora { 03.14.08 at 10:36 am }

Wow, your fortunes are really specific! Who knew that fortune cookies got delivered to your bathroom? :)


8 Leigh Ann { 03.14.08 at 10:42 am }

crying… again. you get me everytime! CONGRATS! 😉

9 Dorothy { 03.14.08 at 12:09 pm }

oh my goodness….congratulations! this is very exciting. i had a feeling that was coming. very very happy for your family of FOUR!

10 Carrie Nalisnick { 03.14.08 at 2:18 pm }

congratulations rachel!!! what exciting news!!

p.s. mama fu’s is awesome…

11 Allen G. { 03.14.08 at 2:26 pm }

I love it when you make me cry at work…

12 Sanmati { 03.14.08 at 3:16 pm }

OMG congratulations!!!! :-)

13 Ali R { 03.14.08 at 3:26 pm }

Rachel! Congratulations to you and your family! That is so exciting! Bug will be such a great big brother.

14 Lynn P. { 03.14.08 at 4:40 pm }

Congratulations! I could use me some tiny baby time. May I be the intown Grandma? I’m happy for all of you. But now will you have to move? I wanted Bug in my Pre-K class year after next.

15 Debbie { 03.14.08 at 5:07 pm }

Congratulations!! and way to go Mama Fu’s on 3 homeruns!!

16 Darth { 03.14.08 at 6:03 pm }

I’ll just bet the grandparents are hugging themselves. I wonder what an appropriate web-name would be for Bug’s sibling? Bird? Beetle? Ladybug if. . .

17 Mandi { 03.14.08 at 7:30 pm }

Officially the sweetest blog post ever. Congratulations!

18 Gramps { 03.14.08 at 8:21 pm }

A truly “golden” post. I like Darth’s suggestion of “Bird” for the web-name–I think it could work no matter which sex the baby turns out to be. Oh, and that gives me an idea for a “real” name, too (which I will refrain from sharing here). (And you know, that Darth sure talks about “the grandparents” a lot!)

19 Don Mills Diva { 03.14.08 at 8:29 pm }

HOORAY! That was the sweetest annoucement post I’ve ever read. Many, many congratulations!

20 Jo(s)e(ph) { 03.15.08 at 12:21 am }

man, i feel ya. advice cookies are no good. boo panda express.

21 Bean { 03.15.08 at 8:21 am }

Congrats!! What were your lucky numbers though?

22 Carol { 03.15.08 at 5:31 pm }

Your expression of awe and gratitude is inspiring. We are thrilled for you, Lorso, Bug, and the grandparents.

23 Dorothy { 03.15.08 at 6:45 pm }

Hey just saw your due date…Piglet was due 10/25, and born 10 days early on 10/14 – maybe they could be birthday buddies. can’t wait to see pregnant you in May

24 Jihyun { 03.17.08 at 5:36 pm }

Congratulations! I miss Mama Fu’s. And it is great to get real fortunes.

25 Mommy { 03.17.08 at 6:02 pm }

WOW!!! Congrats!!! That’s so exciting!! I love your blog!!

26 Lane { 03.17.08 at 8:19 pm }

Yay for creating new life in yours! Congrats!

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