This one goes out to you, Mr. Refrigerator Repair Man

Picture this: the refrigerator you bought off of Craigslist for cheap all of a sudden feels room temperature inside and you are faced with the prospect of buying yet ANOTHER free/$60 refrigerator. This is with the full knowledge that you are more than likely moving into a house in June that already has a refrigerator and that purchasing another one would mean purchasing it for 2.5 months of use.

The repair man is 3 hours late and you can’t remember which number on you called to find him in the first place and you’re groggy anyway after your 2 hour open-mouthed nap on the couch which has rendered you speechless with your Sahara-desert-like mouth.


The phone rings. It’s Mr. Repairman calling to say he’s on his way! He arrives and diagnoses your problem quickly, saying he has the parts in his truck right this very minute and for a nominal fee can make those cans of Coke in your fridge frosty once more! He repairs the busted thingamajig in your refrigerator’s whatsit section and then as he packs up, tells you (based on how long each item has been in your fridge) what you should keep and what you should throw away! You give him his check, shake his hand and wave goodbye as he backs out your driveway, hero of the day.

Then as you go to cook dinner and write the blog post you’ve neglected, you open the freezer, and there lays his crowning achievement, the icing on top of his stellar, Appliance Repair Hall of Fame job.

He has refilled your ice cube trays.

And you look wistfully out the window at the driveway where his dingy repair truck sat moments ago and think, “Sure he was 50 pounds overweight, with graying hair, thick glasses and a socially awkward demeanor, but damned if I’m not just a little bit in love with that guy.”

After all, he did get my motor running.

March 11, 2008   3 Comments