Bug + SL = friends fo-evah

There’s just not much time for blogging this weekend, what with Bug’s BFF visiting and all. Bug has known SL since he was born, but alas, she moved away a year and a half ago leaving him to stare wistfully at her picture on his wall.

The good old days:

And except for a few minor tiffs involving fingers being slammed in doors and trundle bed possession disputes, the reunion was glorious.

Re-u-nited and it feels so goooood:

Now that she’s gone Bug is bereft again, asking, “Will we see SL tomorrow? The next day? What about next week?” And when my answer is no, we won’t see her for a couple of months, he sadly says, “Oh, Mama. I miss her.” And he sighs his little boy sigh, like the light has been taken out of his life.

Come back soon, SL.


1 Ginny { 03.08.08 at 8:52 pm }

Look how kids grow up, but still love each other. I love the smiles. It’s Bliss. Sigh. And SL is gorgeous!

2 Leigh Ann { 03.09.08 at 9:27 pm }

ok, you are going to have to email the pictures you took while we were there. sl misses bug too. she keeps asking about vacation and if they are going to get to sleep in the same room together!

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