Sorry for the business post today, but it seems I’m having some problems with the blog now that I’ve added ads, so I need your help por favor.

If you cannot see my sidebars at all, would you please email me ( or comment and let me know? And, if someone who CAN see my sidebars would email me and let me know, that would be great also. If you would let me know which browser you use to read my blog and whether you use a Mac or PC that would also be helpful.

I am obtaining gray hairs exponentially while I try to solve this problem, so your help is muchly, greatly, truly, sincerely appreciated.

Also, I PROMISE I will change my Snapshot soon. More pressing matters have overtaken my life and I can’t seem to find even one second to hold my camera up to my eyeball. But in the meantime I’d like to say that that’s a damn fine picture of the moon, if I do say so myself.

February 27, 2008   16 Comments