Better use duct tape

It was another morning of waking to thrashing limbs and screams of “NO! Read me THAT book!! Read me THAAAAT BOOOOOOK!” Seriously, I don’t know what crazy dream person is tormenting my kid, but whoever it is, JUST READ HIM THE DAMN BOOK ALREADY.

It was reeeeeeally early when he was jolted out of sleep by the Evil No Book Monster, but the Lorso had already been up for a few minutes in an attempt to beat some morning storms on the way to work. I flopped back into bed for the 20 or so minutes that the Lorso was still around, and then I felt Bug’s tiny, icy fingers on my face. “Mama, do you want me to give you ten minutes?” He has learned that this is how his parents like to be woken up – in stages. I mumbled yes and then rolled over. Two minutes later he came back in and said “Has it been ten minutes?” Damn, I thought in my head under the covers. I forgot HE CAN’T TELL TIME.

But he let me lounge in bed for a few more minutes, crawling around on top of me and sticking his face in the crook of my neck. “You’re my warmest Mommy,” he said with a sigh. I guess he was feeling particularly loving toward me, because then he said, “Mama, if your arm fell off, I would tape it.” Aw, I thought. That’s so sweet. And weird.

Isn’t that all we can really ask for though? For our children to love us enough that they would reattach our stray limbs?

I think so.


1 Rachel D { 02.26.08 at 5:07 pm }

Sweetest compliment ever (who wouldn’t want to be the warmest Mommy?) and sweetest ever way to profess love (if you ever contract leprosy you’re all set).

2 Heidi { 02.29.08 at 12:10 pm }

One of the nicest things he could possibly say. The love just flows. Gotta write that one down/.

3 Daisy { 02.29.08 at 9:15 pm }

Long ago, when my oldest was only 4 and I was pregnant with her brother, she came in while I was sleeping. I asked her to let me sleep a little while longer. She said okay, then pulled up a chair about a foot from the bed and sat quietly to watch. I couldn’t sleep, of course, it was too cute. I gave in and got up with a tired smile.
Oh, she’s 21 now, and in college. I do let her sleep when she comes home to visit.

4 Cathy { 03.01.08 at 10:21 am }

This morning my oldest (3) climbed into bed with us. It was late enough for him to be up but we just didn’t want to get up. After a few minutes I rolled over and was staring at him.
He said, “Mommy, your eyes are open, you should probably wake up now.”
I said, “I just want to look at you.”
He said, “Okay, look at me. I should probably smile for you then.”

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