Mmmm, chunky milk

Bug and I are sitting on the couch under a blanket this afternoon for “special” rest time i.e. “rest time on the couch with movies” i.e. “Mommy gets no rest rest time”. But once, long ago, I said offhandedly, “Hey, maybe we can make Friday ‘special rest time day’ and you can sit on the couch and watch movies,” and that was my downfall because Bug has a mind like a steel trap. Kind of like my brother who used to do the bidding of my sister and me after we’d say, “If you’ll go get me a Coke downstairs I’ll give you a penny tomorrow,” and the next morning I’d startle awake to brown eyes hovering inches from my face. “I’m ready for my penny,” he’d say. And then I would have a heart attack and die. The End.

In other news, there are currently two refrigerators occupying our kitchen. Because of this, we can neither wash nor dry clothes, cook using the stove, nor exit through the back door. It’s a HAIR inconvenient. The old fridge stopped cooling things after the compressor conked out. I like to throw that tidbit in like I know something about appliance maintenance, but really the small nicotine-soaked European man named Igor told me that. Seeing how compressors cost $475 to fix and the fridge itself was $FREE, I thanked Igor for his time and sent him on his pack-a-day way. Then I went on Craigslist and found a fridge for $60, got them to deliver it for an extra $20, and half an hour later was the proud owner of a “new” refrigerator that will keep our popsicles solid and our milk liquid. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Now if only the compressor on our couch would go out and force us to buy a new one of those. That would be SWEET.

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1 Dorothy { 02.23.08 at 9:04 am }

haha…i guess our free fridge wasn’t such a great deal after all…sorry about that. and if you figure out how to get the compressor to go out on your couch, let me know – we still have our 20+ year old country pink and blue couch…

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