Going commando

Sending your child off to school in underpants for the first time ever after a weekend of underpant wearing that was, oh, seventy-five percent successful feels a little bit like shoving him out of a plane with a parachute that opens only three-fourths of the time. Good luck, kid.


But let’s face facts, folks. Fact #1: if he doesn’t wear diapers anymore, then we don’t have to BUY them anymore, and that is a win-win as far as I’m concerned. Fact #2: He’s nowhere near being the last kid in his class to get his name on the “Uses Potty” list in the bathroom, but even so, my competitive side comes out a weensy bit when another parent says casually, “Oh, Bug’s not using the toilet yet? Archibald has been potty trained since 2 and 1/2!” GREAT. I’M SO HAPPY FOR HIM. Of course he also looks like GOLLUM and his diet consists mainly of BOOGERS.

Diaper-Free Day at School #1 was moderately successful though. They only had to change his pants once. So I guess his parachute didn’t quite open, but he survived the fall. He must have landed on something nice and squishy and soft, like some shrubbery. Or maybe Archibald.

February 19, 2008   2 Comments