The Lorso, and moreso: A Guest Post!

It’s a beautiful day. A bit chilly, but not as cold as it’s been around here lately, and sunny! Sunny enough to play outside in the backyard with Bug. And not so cold that a light jacket and a quick game of catch don’t suffice to keep you warm. In fact, I could almost feel spring coming round the seasonal corner – if it wasn’t February in Atlanta. In February, in Atlanta, Friday’s 60 degree high holds very little meaning for Saturday – whose preferred temperature may or may not be 50, give or take twelve degrees (F).

And so, in Atlanta, in February, this is just the sort of day I hate to miss for having a desk job. Also, it’s exactly the kind of day on which one would most dislike having strep throat. Unfortunately, that makes it a day which I would very much enjoy spending at home with Bug, if it weren’t for the fact that Rachel has been knocked senseless and bedridden by strep throat.

Still, it is nice to be at home on a Friday. Bug and I have enjoyed watching The Electric Company, reading books (he brought me five), and throwing a ball in the backyard. Breakfast has become an early morning ritual for us, but this is the first weekday in a while that we’ve had a chance to share lunch. And after he wakes from his nap, we plan to visit the local hardware store to pick up new sand for the backyard sandbox. That is – after his nap, and after we dose Rachel up with another 600 – 800 mg of ibuprofin.

With any luck, Atlanta will surprise us with another beautiful day tomorrow, and Rachel will be feeling well enough to enjoy it.

In the meantime, Bug keeps bringing things to his Momma to help her feel better. Pink things, mostly. Last night, it was a pink post-it note with his name on it. This morning, it was a pink, gummy heart from the bag of Valentine’s day candy he brought home from school. Apparently pink is not only Momma’s favorite color, but is also possessed of some unspoken and innate medicinal quality. Gradually, what with the penicillin, the sleep, the Advil, the sleep, the Theraflu, the sleep, and the occasional pink gift, Rachel does seem to be feeling better.

February 15, 2008   3 Comments