My Valentine came early

Since I don’t use Bug’s real name on this blog, I couldn’t show you the pictures of the day he wrote his name for the first time, which is too bad because I feel sure it would have changed your life.

But I CAN show you what he drew for me this morning while I was standing in front of my closet trying not to think about the fact that most of my outfit options for today were clothes I have owned since college. I really need new clothes. Seriously, Internet, if you signed me up for TLC’s What Not To Wear, I would not be in the least bit offended. AT ALL.

My how I digress. Anyhoodle, I was absorbed in my fashion crisis when Bug came in to my room and said, “Mama, I made you a picture, look,” and handed me a piece of paper with blue scribbles all over it. “Oh buddy, that’s so sweet, thank you,” I said. “And, you wrote your name on it!” I was turning it around and around to figure out which way was up.

“No, Mama. I didn’t write my name, I wrote your name,” he insisted.

And sure enough, with a scraggly first “M”, a pretty good “O”, two “M”s hidden in the scribble, and a “Y” that would be better classified as an “N”, Bug had written “Mommy” on his picture.

I think I just might keep it forever.


February 12, 2008   2 Comments