It’s so shiny! And pretty!

Welcome to the new home of Yestertime!

Ok, now take a deep breath, because I need to tell you – there is now stuff on the LEFT SIDE OF MY POSTS. Does this freak you out a bit? It freaked me out at first, but after 9 gazillion hours editing the site to get it to look like I wanted, I finally made piece with the Left Sidebar. It serves a good purpose after all, as it will soon be the home of the shameless, shameless advertising that will hopefully put gas in Lorso’s scooter every now and then.

Also, does it seem to you that my voice sounds different than usual? That would be the sleek new font I’m using. Isn’t it nice? Do you feel as if you don’t know this new racher? Well it’s still me. I promise to talk in all caps JUST AS MUCH AS BEFORE.

Also, click refresh! Go on, do it! I have carefully hand-selected 9 groovy pictures for the header that will show up randomly each time you visit a new page. I like to think of them as Mood Headers (like mood rings). If you’re feeling amorous, you’ll get the kissing picture. Angry, you’ll get the monster. Chilled out, the shades. You get the drift. Just look up at the header you got – that’s how you feel, isn’t it? It’s SPOOKY.

And check out “Bite-Sized Yestertime” for a trip through the best of Yestertime, as well as the long-promised New, Improved About Me page. So much shiny newness, can you even stand it?

If’n you would do me the teeniest of favors and let me know if you spot a goof anywhere that I didn’t catch in the transfer over, that would be great. You’re a peach, Internet.

Also, feedback is welcome. If you tell me you hate it, I will only cry for about 45 minutes, but only because I stayed up until 2 am for two nights this weekend, and as a result have not gotten my usual beauty rest. And I will soon get over it and call you names on this blog where I have all the control and YOU HAVE NONE. Ha HA!

But I wrote this post last night, so as to have a well deserved Day Off after looking at the computer screen so long that my contacts have become permanently glued to my corneas. So hopefully right now I am napping. Or having a margarita.

So! Enjoy!

February 11, 2008   3 Comments