Potty cross training

The Seat Uppers are quickly outnumbering The Seat Downers in this house. Potty training is heavily underway, with the number of successes outnumbering the number of wet pants.

The Seat is up more often these days because Bug is learning his newest skill in standing up fashion. I didn’t think I really had a preference about learning standing up vs. learning sitting down, but now that I think about it, why not just get him to stand and aim from the get go? Really you’re just talking about the difference between cleaning pee off the floor in front of or cleaning pee off the floor behind the toilet. I’ve heard that some parents even toss a few bits of cereal in the bowl and play Sink the Floaters. Improves aim, they say. It also puts a visual to the saying “Who pissed in his Cheerios this morning?” And who knows, with this early practice he might just be on track to become the Snow Writing Champion of 2025, which would make any mama proud.

I’m a little worried however that we’ve made his potty times a little too much of a group activity. A sure fire way to get him to tell us he’s got to go is to say that you’ve got to go. “Me, too, I’ve got to go potty! Let’s go!” he says. Like we both just realized that we need to go to the grocery store. Or vote. Also, I’ve made the mistake of telling him I have to go when I do in fact actually have to go, and then ten minutes later I’m standing, legs crossed, saying “Hoorayforyouyou’vegoneagainI’msoproudokaynowIT’SMOMMY’STURN.”

Luckily my successes have outnumbered wet pants, too.

Except for that once.

February 6, 2008   3 Comments