Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I’ve got, I’m still, I’m still Rachel from the blog

Y’all, I promise I have a new improved Yestertime for you coming soon. I know it sounds like I’m just saying that, but it’s just taking a long time to get it set up. The catalyst behind hosting my own site instead of going through WordPress was using BlogHer Ads on my site. You may think that putting ads on my blog makes me a sellout, and you’d be partially right, but I’m a sellout who would like to get a decent haircut more than once a year, so that’s the way it’s going to be.

I’m starting my new comedy class tonight, which I’m totally jazzed about. I also had the good fortune to catch a PBS special on Carol Burnett on Saturday which pumped me up for having and creating some good laughs on a regular basis. My class this time ends with a show that the public can come see, so I’ll finally have my long awaited 15 minutes of fame. I’ll be lauded among tens. It will be great.

Until then, I’ll just enjoy my last few weeks of anonymity, knowing that after I hit the Big Time these glory days of wiping noses and learning Swedish will only exist as sweet faded memories in my mind.

February 4, 2008   No Comments