Dear Healthcare System: You suck

I’d like to apologize for yesterday’s “post” and just say that this week has been its own special kind of lousy that has given me a mad case of writer’s block. But to remain on the positive side of life, I would like to point out that I have written, for better or worse, one post a day for 135 whole days. 135 posts, y’all. You’re welcome.

Seriously, I just need to stand up on a box for a sec and say that I think that the health care system in our country is not only horrible, it actually creates some of the problems that it supposedly helps us pay for. How is it ok that the very same politicians who are “working hard to save the souls of the innocent babies who are aborted every day” are not working their ASSES off for the women who have babies to get the care that they need during their pregnancy and afterward? (P.S. I’m not pregnant.) Who decided that pre-existing conditions were absolutely unacceptable and would not be covered, no way, no sir? How is it ok that one month’s supply of medicine can cost upwards of $425? I’m just pretty pissed off and tired of dealing with having very little expendable income to pay for the inadequacies of America’s healthcare system.

So I’ve had a hard time writing about funny crazy things when my life has been so consumed with STRAIGHT UP crazy things.

I hope to be back to my regular old self deprecating sarcasm tomorrow. Until then, Healthcare System, this one’s for you:

February 1, 2008   5 Comments