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In my little secret master page that edits this blog and quite possibly controls some parts of the universe, I can see where the visitors to this site have come from. I can also see what people typed into their search engines that brought up this blog as an option for what they might be looking for. Wish you had more information on “pee through swimsuit”? Maybe Yestertime can help! Looking for “10 ways to become more of a badass”? Try Yestertime blog! (I’m kind of proud of that one, actually.) Or maybe you’re just searching for “PORNY”. If so, Yestertime’s the place!

Or so says Google.

It’s true that I did write a post with the word “porny” in the title. So, I suppose that was kind of asking for it. It’s the most frequent word on the random search list to boot, so if I ever get really famous from blog-writing (like so many people have), I can look back and say “I owe it all to PORNY.”

So knowing all of this, you can now imagine what yesterday’s post brought. That’s right, a record number of hits! All from the word “Fock”. More than worrying about the kinds of people who might be finding and reading my blog, it makes me worry about the ability of these people to spell. HELLO, IT’S SPELLED WITH A “U”.

In other completely non-potty mouthed news, I hope soon to have a contact email to put up for you, as well as a NEW and IMPROVED “About” page. These sound like very simple changes that would take only minutes, but NO. It’s all very COMPLICATED and HARD.

So while I’m working on that, you can enjoy today’s side picture of Bug and YOU KNOW WHO. I mean, I like hits as much as the next blogger, but if I just keep putting the actual name on the blog, THE PERVERTS HAVE WON.


1 Ginnymom { 01.17.08 at 6:03 pm }

And there was a movie called Meet the…. which I refused to see because i figured the only way they could get people to come was to use a variant of the F-word in their name. BTW Bug’s elephant is adorable. and just the right color ! :-)

2 awgraha { 01.17.08 at 10:46 pm }

Porny would be a good name for a little yippy dog…..

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