Mama why you makin’ that face?

Bug has two forms of question asking. The first is Questions Ad Nauseam, which makes you want to reach into your ear canal with an ice pick and stab and stab until you reach blissful silence. The second is Questions From Your Very Conscience, which slay you in one stealthy blow with their ability to humble, embarrass, or otherwise shame you.

Example of Form One:
Lorso calls me when I’m halfway home from work and asks if I can pick up some medicine from the doctor’s office, so I turn around at the next light and head back in the opposite direction. What happened next was SURELY an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Number of Questions Asked In One Minute.

    “Mama what we doing?”

    “We have to go get Daddy’s medicine.”

    “But why we turned this way?”

    “Because we have to go back to get to the doctor’s office.”

    “But which way is the doctor’s office?”

    “This way.”

    “But which way is this way?”


    “This way is left?”


    “But where you gonna park?”

    “I don’t know Bug, I’m looking for a space.”

    “But why you can’t find one?”

    “Because I don’t see one yet.”

    “Why you don’t see one yet?”

    “Because there isn’t one here.”

    “But Mama why doctor’s offices are left?”

    “Well, not all doctor’s offices are left, just this one. And actually it’s only left because we were coming from – oh, never mind it’s not worth it.”

    “What is not worth it?”

    “It’s just too much to explain, that’s all.”


    “NO MORE QUESTIONS. Mommy’s head hurts.”


    Two examples of Form Two:

    “Ugh, I am getting too fat for these pants.”

    “Why you are getting too fat for those pants?”


    “Mama, why did you drive through there? That light was yellow and then red! People should not drive through yellow and red lights. Red means STOP Mama. RED MEANS STOP, MAMA. MAMA. DID YOU KNOW RED MEANS STOP?”


    1 Rachel D { 01.08.08 at 6:37 pm }

    Ha! You have your very own tiny backseat driver.

    2 Andy { 01.09.08 at 8:33 am }

    LOL! :-) Silly ole Bug

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