This is how I hope my post tomorrow goes

We’re back!*

I am tan and rested and have lost a couple of pounds. Oh, and my hair is shinier.

The weather was beautiful the whole time, no one got annoyed with anyone else, and we won $3000 in the ship casino!

Bug learned how to swim, and went to bed early every night with his grandparents, leaving the Lorso and I lots of date nights. We watched the sunset over the railing of the boat every night, sipping cold drinks and laughing.

The captain found us so endearing that he gave us free tickets for another cruise of our choice.

Then when we got home, Lorso and I both had messages on the machine saying that we were such good employees that we deserved a day off with pay, so tomorrow we just get to relax at home all day.

What a great trip.


*While we are, in fact, back, I actually wrote this post LAST Sunday. All facts included in this posts are speculations and have not been verified. See tomorrow’s post for more information.


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