Cyrus the dog

The Lorso’s family has a dog. He has the look of a terrier, but the body of a bassett hound, which means he has that low to the ground waddling walk with feet turned slightly out, even though he looks like he should have longer terrier legs and be able to spring easily up on couches. He likes to hurl himself violently against the floor length windows in the living room when anyone comes even remotely close to the front door, barking loud enough to wake the dead. He has one big black spot over his left eye. He’s a funny dog.

But he’s a good dog, too, and loved. So loved, in fact, that my in-laws had a professional portrait of him taken. I would so do this if I had a dog:


I love the expression on his face. It’s as if he knew this was a professional picture, and therefore he must be serious. He’s all “This is going in the church directory, right?”

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1 Don Mills Diva { 01.04.08 at 11:31 pm }

His face! It made me laugh out loud. He is totally trying to look as serious as possible because he knows this is how he is going to be remembered.

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