I got you a little something

I am trying ultra hard not to fling myself with abandon onto this very couch I am sitting on and surrender to delicious, delicious sleep. There’s just TOO. MUCH. TO. DO.

But I am not going to bore you into the tedium of my to-do list (clean up all of Christmas, shop and pack for 7 day cruise, prepare house to be vacant for 10 days, oh yeah, and plan a birthday party for immediately when we get back) but instead, TA-DA! I am going to give you a Christmas present!

TO: Internet
FROM: Rachel

I was going to take a 7 day hiatus from the blog, because I am lazy about figuring out really simple things like how to edit a timestamp on a post so that it appears on a certain day, but then by accident I figured it out! Because that’s how I do things. So then I decided that I would just go ahead and write seven blog entries, timestamp them, and let them post away while I am in the tropics.

Sorry if what you really wanted was an iPod. This is all you’re getting.


1 bebe { 12.26.07 at 5:44 pm }

Personally I am glad we won’t be without your blog for the days you are on the cruise. The only thing better would be for you to be able to blog while on the cruise so we could vicariously enjoy the warm sun and great time. Hope you have a fabulous trip!

2 Don Mills Diva { 12.27.07 at 9:11 pm }

Have a great trip – I’m a little jealous!

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