The Day I Almost Didn’t Blog

I was so busy staring for 3 hours at the choices of wrapping paper at Target this afternoon, a holiday tradition 4 years running, that I left scant time for blogging. Why is it so hard, Internet? It’s just wrapping paper! People crumple it up! And yet I stand and debate and debate and debate. Silver theme? Gold? Traditional red and green? Don’t even get me started on bows. At some point I decide I’m disgusted by the consumerism of it all, steer my cart to a different section and vow that everyone on my list is getting leftover Happy Birthday wrapping paper and they’re going to like it. But of course I don’t stick to that, and five minutes later am actually considering buying the tiny 5 square foot roll of premium heavy paper with a velour pattern that will cost more than my whole Christmas present budget to buy.

Damn Target for making me think I would have a better Christmas if only I just spent a little more.

Bah Humbug!


1 Rebekah { 12.15.07 at 9:44 pm }

we did exactly the same thing today . . . Target has figured out that they can make their year-end sales goals by making us all feel inadequate in our gift presentation.

And they worst part is that it works.

stupid target.

2 Lynn P. { 12.16.07 at 11:06 am }

Don’t worry. Soon Bug will be in school where there will be fund raisers where you will be required to purchase your gift wrap for 3X the store cost and thus support your local PTA. It never ends. My granddaughter’s school e-mails me order forms with the information that I will fail as a grandparent if I don’t purchase mass quantities!

3 Sose { 12.25.07 at 3:59 pm }

on behalf of target (since i did work for them for two years), i would like to say bringing you great quality and many options is supposed to be a great thing and what you, the customer – i mean GUEST – want, nay NEED, to have a fabulous Christmas.

i really don’t care one bit about any of what i just said, i just wanted to talk about myself and make your blog about me.

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