I’ve also heard that it’s become a tradition to buy a gift for the authors of the blogs you read.

I know I’ve been doing a lot of Can You Believe What I Just Discovered/Look What Amazing Thing I Am Going To Tell You About posts, but what can I say, I write from the heart. And my heart is just FULL UP with OMGs right now.

For example, I recently discovered that when you take care of kids as your job, the parents of said kids get you stuff for Christmas! Like gift certificates for coffee! And pads of paper with polka dots and your name on them! And cookies! And blank checks! (Ok, I made that last one up, but WOULDN’T THAT BE AWESOME.)

But the way I figure it, we have 43 kids at PMO, so even if only half of those kids’ families give their teachers gifts, that’s 21.5 yummy/pretty things! All for MEEEEEEEEEEE!

It’s amazing how excited I can get about holiday towels from the Dollar Store.

Christmas booty

P.S. If you get a gift from me that looks like something in this picture, it’s because I liked it SO MUCH that I went out and bought another one for you. Not because I regifted, no sir.

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1 allison { 12.12.07 at 9:18 pm }

well, ok, but if i get a polka dot pad of paper with “Rachel” on it, im going to be surprised as to how you knew EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD WANT.

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