We did. We had a time.

I thought today was going pretty well, and then I perused the ABC online shows and discovered that they now show episodes of My So-Called Life. That’s when I realized that today was going to be FANTASTIC. If you have a spare 50 minutes, you need to watch the pilot. Even if you already saw it the first time. Maybe especially if you saw it the first time.

Firstly, I love Claire Danes. Second, I was exactly the age of her character when the show was on, so it’s like the things she voiced-over were from my very soul. I mean, teen angst? Had it! Strong desire to dye hair? I tried all the reds made by Glintz. Clothes three sizes too big? Peace sign earrings? Check and check.

That show got high school in the 90s spot on, and I will always love it for that reason. It was a sad sad day when it was canceled just after the completion of the first season.

I did have a sobering thought amidst all my indulgent nostalgia during the pilot. Fifteen years ago, I was Angela. Fifteen years from now, I could be Angela’s mom.

Except way cooler. Obviously.


1 adamjcopeland { 12.10.07 at 6:41 pm }

OMG. That is like my favorite show ever! I had (ok, still have) the biggest crush ever on Claire Danes. I so connected with the nerdy character with the big hair who was so great but too nerdy (Brian, I think; or maybe he was the hot one, or was that Jason?). And the gay best friend–amazing!

I’m so jealous. A Wee Blether

2 racher { 12.10.07 at 6:43 pm }

Brian = nerdy one
Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) = hot one
Ricky = gay best friend
Don’t be jealous! If you have internet, you too can partake in the reminiscing!

3 Anjie { 12.10.07 at 7:15 pm }

wow! what a great flashback! i had just dyed my hair a purpley-red color right before that show came on the air…and her name was Angela and people always think my name is Angela…and, um yes, to the prerequisite wardrobe! my mom actually wouldn’t watch the show b/c she was worried it would give her glimpses into my high school future or something…you know, that might give her a heart attack. aaahhh. high school. i’ll be thrilled to go back and WATCH it–not live it–all over again!

4 Allen G. { 12.12.07 at 3:14 pm }

I just got the title reference…oh to have a time again!

5 Sose { 12.25.07 at 4:20 pm }


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