Bug, Master of Unanswerable Questions

“Mama, is that way right or left?”

“That’s left.”

“But I thought that was right.”

“Well, it’s left.”

“But why it’s not right?”

“Because it’s left.”

“But why it is left?”

(At this point, my brain liquefied and oozed out of my ear.)

“Because it just IS.”

“But why it is left?”

(And then I pulled it, the trump card.)

“Because I said so.”

And he accepted that. As if it all made perfect sense. As if he thinks I have such influence, that one day long ago I exclaimed, “From this point forward, this direction shall be known as LEFT! And all peoples shall know this direction as LEFT and henceforth call it by this name! This I have decreed and it shall be law!”

Behold my power.


1 Anjie { 12.08.07 at 10:58 am }

oh all powerful racher,
i’m looking for a change in the geography of the US…you know, so 11 hour drive suddenly equals 3 hour drive…can you declare that?

2 Olorien { 12.09.07 at 12:17 pm }

Haha, genious!
You gave me a good laugh there.

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