Last night just before turning out the light

LORSO: (smooching me) Goodnight!

ME: Ooh, you have minty fresh breath!

LORSO: Why thank you. I brushed my teeth.

ME: It’s especially minty though.

LORSO: Oh, it could be my Carmex you’re smelling. Sorry – I know you don’t love Carmex.

ME: I don’t have a problem with Carmax itself, I just would never choose it over Chapstick.

LORSO: It’s Carmex.

ME: What did I say? Carmax? Oh right, Carmax is that place you buy used cars. Carmex, Carmax, whatever.


LORSO: You know, if Carmax were called Carmex, they wouldn’t sell cars, they’d sell Mexicans.

ME: That’s ridiculous. If Carmax sold Mexicans, it would be called Mexmax.

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1 Rachel D { 12.06.07 at 6:04 pm }

Hah! This is such an honest portrait of marriage. I love these conversations.
Also, I always smile when a post reminds me of your obsession with chapstick. They should hire you as a PR person.

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