The post that should have been

Yesterday morning was fraught with hilarity, I tell you. Fraught. I could recount it wittingly, except that it happened, like, 30 hours ago, so let’s get real about my memory capabilities. Instead, I’ll give highlights:

Bug had oatmeal for the very first time, and he kept calling it “hot cereal” or “hot breakfast” which made him sound like a Hobbit.

He picked out his own clothes, which is always good for a laugh. He picks out his short sleeved Hawaiian shirt first every time. Thirty degrees? Who cares! He’s the real Panama Jack!

The Lorso got something ready for me that I take to work every day and had Bug bring it to me. I gave him a kiss and said, “Give that to Daddy and tell him it’s from me.” Bug went back to the kitchen, looked at the Lorso and said, “Mama says thanks.” And left.

He fell for the age old gag – when told, “Say bye, Bug” he yelled to the Lorso, “BYE BUG!”

Also, he put on his own hat:

Backwards hat

…and wore it that way all the way to school and into his class. Proudly.

Man, I love that kid.


1 Don Mills Diva { 11.29.07 at 10:43 pm }

That kid is wearing the hell outta that hat! Love it!

2 Andy { 11.30.07 at 10:06 am }

LOL :-)
I like how he said “thanks” to Lorso instead of giving him a kiss. That’s funny.

3 Joe T. { 11.30.07 at 11:09 am }

The picture looks like he is practicing a rally cap style for future baseball games, both as a player and as a fan.

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