I need a holiday from my holiday. I’m glad to see family and all, but after a while ALL THE THOUGHTS IN MY HEAD ARE IN CAPS LOCK BEGGING FOR ME TO SHOUT THEM OUT LOUD. Fortunately my self-control wins out. Most of the time.

Also, I’m beginning to wonder if having a two year old isn’t a lot like having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There’s just no rest. No rest! Two-year olds don’t really go for “hanging out”, which is what most holidays consist of, at least in my family. I think Bug is tryptophan-resistant.

Which is why for Christmas we are having a nice ham glazed with Benadryl.


1 candace { 11.23.07 at 6:45 pm }

so, this is prompted more by your sidebar tagline, but… my cousin let me pick where we met for lunch today and i choose a mexican place. nothing like an all-american, plenty o’ family holiday to make me want a quesadilla.

2 alianora { 11.25.07 at 2:14 am }

Have I told you how wonderful it is that we are going absolutely nowhere for either holiday this year? Have I mentioned that I dont have to deal with EITHER family for EITHER holiday?


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