Proof that junk mail can ruin lives

I’m “helping” Bug pick up his room last night before bedtime and at the point that I have as many Matchbox cars as humanly possible in my hands, the phone rings.

CRASH. (Not surprisingly, this is quite often the sound that occurs just before I answer the phone)


“Hi, is this Rachel?”


“Wow, ok, this is going to sound weird, but…” (ah, the words everyone hopes to hear at the beginning of a phone call) “I live in Youngstown, NC and I just got your rent check in the mail today.”

My landlord lives in Evans, GA. Awesome.

The lady goes on to explain that our envelope got stuck in a tri-folded mass mailing from an electric company that came to her address, and she opened it (which is a minor miracle) and out it fell.

Of course, rent was due by the 1st, is considered late by the 5th, and today is the 7th, making this the third time we’ve paid rent late. Ah, but wait, hasty Internet! Before you jump to conclusions about our irresponsible ways and lack of a hose, let me say that we have always, always sent our check on time.

Let me explain.

The first time we had a late payment, the check was mailed on time, but was accidentally written on a check from an account we had closed. Ok, so maybe that doesn’t speak well of our dependable mature ways. Let’s move on.

The second time, I discovered that the post office doesn’t recognize “SQ” as an abbreviation for “Square”. In my defense, I was copying the landlord’s address straight from an email she sent me, where she abbreviated Square with SQ. (Now that I think about it, who does that?) See? Not our fault. One point for us. (Not sure who’s getting the points we don’t get. Or what we would win. Anyway….)

Now the trifold mass mailing debacle! It’s a wonder we haven’t been evicted.

So I’m thinking about how I’m mildly concerned about this third infraction while this lady from NC is still talking to me (and talking to me, and talking to me – I really started to wonder if she was trying to get up the nerve to say that she was holding our check for ransom and wanted unmarked bills dropped off at the loading dock by the quarry if we wanted to see our check again) when she tells me not to worry! She’s already looked up my landlord’s phone number and called her and explained the situation! And feeling like I shouldn’t be left out of the loop, looked me up! And called me to tell me what happened!

I was blown away by this information. Both because she went way out of her way to help us, and because IT’S A LITTLE FREAKY.

So here’s to you, Our Lady of Youngstown, NC, opener of the lowliest of mail, defender of our lease agreement, champion of We salute you.


1 Ginnymom { 11.07.07 at 6:28 pm }

I want that woman in my church!

2 alianora { 11.08.07 at 10:38 pm }

Wow. And tomorrow! Dont worry! She’ll be bringing you the check IN PERSON! She’s on the next plane!

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